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Homeowner Families Choosing A Home Security Company  –  by Keith, Updated, March 2, 2019


Homeowners like you, who may be concerned about building a Smart Home,
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so that your home becomes the model of the neighborhood.



Below you will read brief summaries of each of the companies:  who they are, their locations, how they do their reviews and evaluations, along with the pros and cons about each company’s technology, products and service.   In some cases the information was not provided.  All 8 follow the Federal Trade Commission regulations.

All 8 companies appearing on this site, are listed in random order, and come with fresh reviews for 2019.





Gadget Review was founded in 2005 by Christen da Costa.  It is located in Santa Monica, California.

Some of the links on their site may earn a commission, “however at no time will it ever affect our rankings or judgment of the products or services discussed or under evaluation.” Their team of experts works “around the clock” researching 100’s of companies, products and services so that they can correctly write their reviews. 





FrontPoint is #1

On the Gadget Review list of the 5 Best Security System Reviews, 2019.


FrontPoint is pure DIY simplicity as just about anyone, including your tech challenged grandma could figure how to install it. Everything about getting this system out of the box and up and running is intuitive, helpful, and streamlined—most can complete the task in 30 minutes. 

If you are afraid of the notion of a DIY security system, Gadget Review says forget it.   

FrontPoint has cleared away all the difficulties and reduced the instructions to the most simple way of installation. So, you will then stand up and say, “I can do this!”  And it will shortly be done because it’s set-up is ridiculously easy. 



  • Insane, simple DIY setup
  • Stellar customer service
  • APP intuitive/seamless
  • Performance up to par
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee
  • Crash & Smash protection
  • Home automation
  • Mobile app alerts anywhere


  • High up front costs
  • No IFTTT integrations


The SafeWise headquarters is located in Salt Lake, Utah.  Their company is unique, in that they focus on and explore customer-rated brands.

Getting information directly from a customer is very valuable as to what working with a home security provider is like. With this feedback, SafeWise experts create polls and forums for customers to voice their opinions on home security systems, products and services.

In addition to these hundreds of customer reviews, they also use independent research, expert ratings and industry standards to rate and review the products, brands and services featured on their site.  When possible products are tested, evaluated and compared by company safety experts.


FrontPoint is #1

On the SafeWise list of 10 Best Security System Reviews, 2019.

Overall, Frontpoint offers the best combination of customer service and high-quality residential security equipment.

Here’s a closer look at how they scored in all of the main criteria areas. Upgrade your security and your lifestyle when you pair a Frontpoint security system with compatible smart home tools like Amazon Echo and “Alexa,” or Google Home and “Assistant”.

You can make it even easier by opting for the Interactive or Ultimate Plans if you want your home security combined with automation.  


  • 30 day risk-free trial
  • Outstanding customer service
  • DIY no cost installation
  • SmartPhone monitoring
  • High quality equipment
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Stellar customer service


  • No professional installation option

3  –  Good Financial Cents

“Today’s home security systems feature a more tech-savvy approach, but the goal remains the same: to keep your family, your property, and your stuff safe from outsiders.”          —Jeff Rose

After a 15 month deployment in Iraq, Jeff Rose returned home to his family and became a Certified Financial Planner professional and creator, founder of Good Financial Cents, The Money Uprising Movement (MUM),  and more.    

“Essentially, Frontpoint offers the best features of monitored and unmonitored services in one package: professional monitoring, quality equipment, convenient features, and a do-it-yourself approach.  That’s why I’ve listed Frontpoint first.”            —Jeff Rose





 FrontPoint is #1

On the Consumer Affairs’ list of the 15 Best Security System Reviews, 2019.

Be a tech-savvy consumer!   If you want a smart home security system, with a technological component, FrontPoint has it.

It is 100% wireless and cellular, remote mobile app accessible, with web-based portals, tops in equipment, simple DIY System install, 24/7 monitoring and much, much more. 

FrontPoint allows you to tweak, manipulate and grow your system as you desire and as your budget allows.


  • 24/7 pro  monitoring
  • Expandable DIY as you like
  • Portable if you move
  • Crash & smash protection
  • Mobile app alerts
  • Anywhere access/control
  • User-friendly app
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee
  • 1 or 3 year contract
  • Powerful encryption protection
  • Exclusive FP Hub & keypad
  • Home Automation

4  –  Top 10 Best Home Security

From it’s launch in 2007, while a newcomer, FrontPoint has become a leader in home security technologies.  It is renowned as one of the fastest growing security agencies in the world.  It’s home base is Vienna, Virginia., also located in Virginia, in Tysons, partners with both professional and DIY service providers and FrontPoint is one of their preferred DIY partners. Full DIY of your chosen plan can be completed in less than 30 minutes, with no special skills required.

FrontPoint plans include 24/7 cellular monitoring.  It is a specialty with mobile readiness apps, across smartphones and tablets.  It will serve you no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection. In addition to monitoring the status of your home. you can also remotely control  the alarms, cameras, motion detectors, lighting, locks, temperatures and much, so-much more.

FrontPoint is #1

On the Top 10 Best Home Security’s list of the 7 Best Home Security System Reviews, 2019.

FrontPoint’s most noticeable value is in its top-notch customer service.   Over the years, it has continued to be outstanding, professional, efficient, available and helpful. 

It’s focus on customer service, the latest technology resident in it’s products, and superb value for the money, continues to keep FrontPoint as a top contender for anyone looking for the best in a home security provider.


  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Expandable as you like
  • Portable if you move
  • Crash & smash protection
  • Mobile app alerts
  • Anywhere access/control
  • Powerful encryption protection
  • SmartPhone monitoring





Consumers Advocate is headquartered in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. While the company may be reimbursed for their services to the home security system companies they review and this may influence the location and order in which they are shown on their website, neither the ratings or rankings imply their endorsement of any brand.

Consumers Advocate’s sole focus is to provide a free online resource for consumers, offering authoritative, dependable, and trustworthy content and comparison tools to help them make informed and wise choices about home security systems. 





FrontPoint is #1

On the Consumers Advocate list of the 10 Best Security System Reviews, 2019.

FrontPoint is one of the leading cellular and wireless systems available today.  It offers a hi-tech system with some of the latest advances in smarthome security and safety.   Front Point isn’t the least expensive home security system on the market, but it is not the most expensive either.

“When push comes to shove,” you want a smart home system you can trust—one that offers the best service, one that is reliable, one with state of the art technology, and one that has led most other systems for 11 years straight.  




  • Home & mobile alerts
  • Offers frequent deals
  • Redundancy safeguards
  • Health & life safety
  • Smarthome automation
  • Fast mobile app
  • DIY 30 min installation
  • Powerful encryption protection


  •  Video monitoring is expensive



SafeHome is a professional review site committed to help visitors create a safe home.   With comprehensive reviews, home automation guides, safety studies and much more, their goal is to provide helpful and useful data for consumers. In order to provide this free service, SafeHome may earn a commission from some of the companies they review. 

While this helps keep their services free, supports their work by allowing they to offer a more comprehensive visitor experience, it in no way effects the review of the products or services of the home security system companies reviewed. 


FrontPoint is #1

On the SafeHome list of the 10 Best Security System Reviews, 2019.

FrontPoint is one of the best home security system companies for folks who are looking for a DIY system,  while providing high-quality equipment and exceptional support. When it comes to having a great experience with a security system company, FrontPoint clearly wins first place!

Not only does it provide top value for money, it also offers a level of customer service that no other company can match. Their customer service is “concierge,” making it second to none.  No matter what time of day or night a customer calls in with a question or concern, Frontpoint will be ready to answer with knowledgeable, capable, and polite customer service representatives.   They are keen to help, staying on the line until the caller is fully satisfied! 


  • Easiest DIY installation
  • Best in customer service
  • SmartHome features
  • Home automation
  • Sends cellular alerts
  • 100% wireless
  • Tops in quality & value


  • 3-year contract
  • No landline option
  • Credit check may raise cost



A Secure Life’s first concern is to provide helpful and honest information to their readers. This means that while they may receive compensation through sales made through their affiliate links, security system companies do not pay them to improve or affect their rankings in any way.    

They also make a point to not accept free equipment or products from companies in exchange for favorable reviews.

A Secure Life indicates in it’s review of FrontPoint that it is a no-stress, no-hassle, straight-shooting company with an 11 year history of excellent customer service. 




FrontPoint is #1 

On the A Secure Life’s list of the 10 Best Security System Reviews, 2019.

Dealing with FrontPoint you never have to talk with over-zealous sales people when talking about products, or frustrating techs when asking for help on service calls.  It might sound excessive, but FrontPoint blows all the other security system companies out of the water with their superb customer sales and service experience.

When it comes to having a top-notch experience with home security system companies, FrontPoint is always the first one out of the gate.   The positive reviews praise their customer service, their smooth and helpful mobile control options and their industry lead in technology.   Frontpoint strikes a happy balance between a premium DIY installation experience and superior customer service.  So while Frontpoint isn’t the least expensive system, its customers tend to stay with Frontpoint.  




  • Great customer service
  • Easy DIY installation
    costs you $.00
  • Low-pressure sales
  • 30-day $ back
  • Z-wave compatible tech
  • Great value to cost ratio
  • 100% cellular
  • Portable when you move
  • Smash  crash protection


  • No landline broadband options

8  –  Home Security Systems is a free online resource that offers valuable content and comparison features to consumers. To keep such resources 100% free for consumers, Home Security Systems receives advertising compensation from several home security systems companies. 

Such compensation may impact the ratings, location and order in which such companies appear in our reviews.  


FrontPoint is #1

On the Home Security Systems’ list of the 5 Best Security System Reviews, 2019.

FrontPoint is one of the leading cellular and wireless systems available today.  It offers a hi-tech system with some of the latest advances in smarthome security and safety. 

This includes nearly a dozen varieties of detectors and sensors, the growing use of voice assistants like Google Home’s “Assistant” and Amazon Echo’s “Alexa,” and one of the fastest alarm or alert times, all covered with the best customer service in the industry.

“When push comes to shove,” you want a smart home system you can trust—one that offers the best service, one that is reliable, one with state of the art technology, and one that has led most other systems for 11 years straight.  




  • 100% cellular monitoring
  • Home & Modular Alerts
  • Reliable & trustworthy
  • DIY installation
  • Smarthome automation
  • Health & life safety
  • Smartphone app is fast



  • Video monitoring is expensive

FOR 12 Consecutive YEARS


It will be a game-changer to discover why.

The top 10 competitors in FrontPoint Security Systems‘ competitive set are SimpliSafe, SafeMart,  ADT,  SameDay Security, IncVivint Smart HomeProtect America,  Canary, iSmart Alarm Tyco International and Monitronics.    Together,  including FrontPoint, they have raised over 1.3 B between their estimated 85.9 K employees. 

FrontPoint is one of the younger and smaller companies and it would be helpful to take a closer look at who they are, what they do and how they do it.  Wouldn’t you like know to know why they have led the pack so consistently, for so long? 

The button below will help you uncover everything you may want to know about Frontpoint.