All About Frontpoint  –  Updated by Keith, February 25, 2019

Homeowners like you, who may be concerned about building a Smart Home,
can follow a simple plan to success,

so that your home becomes the model of the neighborhood.


FrontPoint says that the folks that work for them are wired differently.  “We hold the elevator for people, offer to share the load, greet each other with a handshake or a high five.  We are a culture of personal service.”   Like businesses used to be:  warm, friendly, and ready to help!  Chris Villar, CEO, Peter Rogers, Senior Advisor, and Aaron Shumaker, President, are the founders (left to right above), and are still running the company.  “We envision a better way, a better product and a better solution—always about deciding and doing things that would be best for the customer.”  And it all began in 2007, 11 years ago.


What Is FrontPoint?

Based in northern Virginia, FrontPoint is a fast-growing, customer service centered, home, apartment, and small business security systems company.  It offers highly customizable products that are 100% wireless, 100% cellular, and DIY systems—to all 50 US states and 9 out of 10 Canadian provinces. For the last 12 years, FrontPoint has been ranked the best home security company on at least 8 of the top review lists that specialize in scrutinizing everything about home security systems companies in the US.   It also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Let’s take a closer look at who they are and what they do.


You Can Create Your Own DIY System

“We’re here to listen, not to sell.  So you can get just what you need on your terms.”

After looking everything over, talking with them, you make the choice of the package and the products you need.  They box it up quickly, send it to you, by next day delivery.   It arrives configured and ready for you to install.  It’s a DIY system with full instructions.  Testing and activation can be completed in less than 30 minutes with no handyman skills required, just wireless equipment and some DIY common sense.  If you find something you need help with, call and they will stay with you on the phone until it’s done!

This is a no risk policy.   You can try it out for 30 days and if you are unhappy, your money back is guaranteed.  Please read the full details on each item before you purchase it:

The PRODUCTS, the PLANS and the PACKAGES are listed below:



Home Security Systems
include the Security Products such as doors, windows, locks, lighting, motion detectors, alarms, cameras, etc.,  and the Security Services such as monitoring, activation, locking, lighting, voice technology, detection, anti-hacking, alarms, and more.   With more than 100 Home Security Systems companies now functional in the US, which one is the best?  There is a lot to consider when choosing.  

Here is a partial list of what I found at Frontpoint—it is remarkable:

ACCESSIBILITY  –  Frontpoint is available in all 50 US states and 9 out of 10 Canadian provinces.

AUTOMATION  –  For your entire home—lights, thermostats, door locks, and utilities, all on your panel and smartphone—the phone can be either iO or Android.

CAMERAS  –  Capture what happens inside HD and outside HD your house on infrared video (night vision), live and on clips.  Plus your cameras encrypt (private) only the moments you care about and want to keep.   Video monitoring is only available in the highest plan/tier.

CARBON MONOXIDE SENSORS  –  Can detect the presence of this toxic gas (CO).  It senses what you cannot, so your are always protected.   When the danger comes, the sensor will trigger an alarm, notify you on your mobile device and notify the monitoring station.  It is wireless, field-tested and patented, and has one of the longest batter lifespans in the industry.

CONTROL PANEL  –   Control and customize simply everything in your smart home with this wireless touch-screen panel.  Built to handle up to 80 sensors and 40 users, this powerful system can meet all of your home security and automation needs.

CRASH & SMASH PROTECTION  –  Frontpoint’s control panels communicate with the company’s remote monitoring center through cellular uplink. Because of this technology, damaging the control panel won’t disable the system; the alarm signal is still transmitted and police are notified. A burglar who thinks he has disabled the alarm by smashing it may go about his business and get caught in the act by police.

DISASTER PROTECTION  –  An emergency pendant that you can push anytime when you need help

DOOR AND WINDOW SENSORS  –  Each have a 6-year battery life.   Almost invisible to the eye, these small-yet-powerful wireless sensors are fully compatible with most doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, and just about anything else that opens and closes like a medicine cabinet. Get a mobile alert when sensors are triggered or if something is accidentally left open.

DOORBELL, VIDEO CAMERA  –  The new Slimline Doorbell Camera lets you view your door at any time through a live feed and hear and speak to visitors with two-way audio. The camera’s motion sensor alerts you of activity around your door—and notifies you even if the doorbell isn’t pressed.   At night, infrared night vision allows you to safely see and speak to visitors.  Chime compatibility requires SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter, a separate purchase.   Video monitoring is only available in the highest plan/tier.

DOOR LOCK  –  The new Frontpoint touchscreen door lock redefines home security and automation. The fingerprint-resistant touchscreen prevents intruders from copying your entry codes and connects to your Frontpoint panel via Z-Wave.   With remote keyless entry, you never have to worry about forgetting your key or leaving your door unlocked.   With custom codes, you or your family or guest can come or go, lock or unlock—even remotely.  Just lock up right from the mobile Frontpoint app.  It’s easy to install and designed to make your life easier and more secure.   It is a smartlock.

FLOOD SENSOR  –  Designed to detect even the smallest leak.   You will be notified immediately.  This unit is corrosion-proof.

FRONT POINT  –  Has a an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

GARAGE DOOR SENSORS  –  Pair with your existing automatic garage door opener to remotely open and close via your panel or from anywhere through the Frontpoint app.  If your panel detects moving objects within the area, an audible and visual warning is triggered.  Plus, the included tilt sensor attaches to the door to report its open or closed status to your panel and mobile app.

GEOSERVICES  –  A mile from home you are notified that you forgot to lock the house, your app will take care of it.   Even if an alert comes in while you are on vacation, out-of-state, you will still be in touch with your automated smarthome.

GLASS BREAKAGE SENSORS  –  Break-ins are stopped when a window is broken.  Pattern-recognition technology focuses only on the sound of breaking glass and automatically alerts the Frontpoint monitoring team and your mobile app when triggered. Perfect for protecting all types of room sizes, large and small. Optimal range spans 360 degrees and up to 20 feet.

GUARANTEE  –  All Frontpoint security systems come with a 30-day, risk free trial.  Customers who decide to return their Frontpoint system within the 30-day trial period are not charged a restocking fee and Frontpoint covers the return shipping costs.

HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE  –  Save up to 20% off the cost of your insurance—check with your company for details.

HUB & KEYPAD  –  Unique, new, Frontpoint Hub—built with the most sophisticated technology available.  Has 100% cellular connection with a built-in backup.   It will help you build an automated, dream, smarthome.

SUPERIOR SERVICE  –  The best in the industry, they stay with you until everything is right and you are satisfied

INTRUSION SENSORS  –  At the first sign of trouble at home, you, the Control Panel and the monitoring center will know

LIGHT BULBS   You will never be in the dark with these 60 watt, LEDs are controlled, turned on or off, including dimming, from your Frontpoint mobile app.

LIGHT SENSORS  –  Total light control with home conditions settings or your 24/7 schedule you set on your smart phone

MOBILE, Frontpoint APP  –  Lets you arm the system remotely, receive alerts, tweak system settings, livestream from each of your cameras.   Watch your smart home—anything, anytime and anywhere, with this reliable mobile app.  Works with both iO and Android smart phones. 

MONITORING SERVICES  –  Professional monitoring services are 24 x 7 x 365, and are included with each of 3 plans.   Each plan requires a contract.   Professionals are highly trained and have “lightening-fast” responses to emergency responders.  There is no charge for self-monitoring, using your smartphone or tablet or any mobile device.   You can commit to a 1 year contract and there is an early termination fee—call the company for options.

MOTION DETECTOR/SENSOR  –  Everywhere you choose to put one.   Detection ranges cover a 44-foot area and a 90-degree field of view, nothing moves without you knowing. Use motion sensors to detect motion in large common areas, including rooms with multiple windows.

PORTABLE  –  If you should move to a new home or apartment, simply gather up your system and take it with you.

REVIEWS  –  For 11 years running, Frontpoint has been #1 on at least 10 top companies that do Home Security System Reviews.

SHIPPING  –  Costs on orders and returns are covered by Frontpoint

SMOKE AND HEAT SENSOR  –  Powerfully intelligent sensors detect minor smoke and smoldering fires fast.  Get mobile notifications for any diagnostic issues, low battery, or case tampering.   Fully backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

SUPERIOR SERVICE  –  The best in the industry, they stay with you until everything is right and you are satisfied.

VIDEO CLIP ARCHIVE  –  Access all the videos your system has  recorded on your mobile app and you desire to keep.

VOICE CONTROLLED  –  Limited but growing additions of Amazon Echo with “Alexa,” or Google Home with “Assistant”
devices.   Call company for current details.

WARRANTY  –  All Frontpoint systems come with a 3-year warranty on the equipment.   New buyers should read through warranty documents carefully to ensure they understand what is covered and what is required to maintain the warranty.

WIRELESS EQUIPMENT—100%  –  No hard-wiring, No broadband.   No wires to be cut by possible intruders.   No lapse in power during power outages—providing fresh batteries are kept in all devices that need them.    The system is completely cellular.  However, Frontpoint urges you to have a broadband or WiFi connection, in order to update the software on your touch screen and for self-monitoring of the system.




Note:   An iO or Android app is included with the Interactive and Ultimate Plans only;
and a 3-year monitoring contract is included with each of these plans.



24/7 Pro Monitoring

100% Wireless & Cellular

Self Diagnosing System

Unique User Codes

Fire Protection

Environmental Protection

Life Safety

Self-Managed Account




Mobile app Arm/Disarm

Alerts via Email, Text/Push Notifications

Crash/Smash Protection

Geo-location Services

Sensor History


Plus All Protection Plan



Live Video Streaming

Video & Image History

Motion Recorded Clips

Automated Door Locks

Thermostat Control

Full-home Automation


Plus All Protection &
Interactive Plan Features



You can start with any of the comprehensive pre-made security packages below,
then customize it with add-on components to create your own unique solution.

However, it’s your home, your family. your budget, your needs, your time and your lifestyle.
Everything about you and your family is unique—that’s why Frontpoint also provides fully customizable packages.

You can select everything your family needs, and nothing they do not!

Basic Security

1  –  Keypad Panel
1  –  Key Remote
3  –  Door/3 Window Sensors
1  –  Motion Detector

  Plus A Monthly Monitoring Plan

Current Pricing:

Basic Security + Remote App Access

1  –  Keypad Panel
5  –  Door/Window Sensors
2  –  Motion Sensors
1  –  Glass Break Sensor
1  –  Smoke/Heat Sensor

   Plus A Monthly Monitoring Plan                      Current Pricing:                           

Highest Level  /Full Automation

1  –  Touch Screen Panel
1  –  Indoor Camera, HD/Night Vision
1  –  Outdoor Camera, HD/Night Vision
5  –  Door/Window Sensors
2  –  Motion Sensors
1  –  Doorbell Camera
Door Locks

   Plus A Monthly Monitoring
Plan Current Pricing: