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by Keith, March 6, 2019


Homeowners like you, who may be concerned about building a Smart Home,
can follow a simple plan to success,

so that your home becomes the model for the neighborhood.

A SMART HOME is doable and delightful

The home security systems of 2019 are  many.   If you are just beginning, or or have some good knowledge, you will find selected systems, products, and technology on this venture that will open some amazing doors for you and your special family. 

Controls, Convenience and Fun   You can control everything in your smart home from an app on your smart phone or a voice controlled speaker in your hub and have fun doing it. 

Information   There more than 20,000 smart devices to choose from and tons of  information as to how things work, their compatibility with other devices, and how much they cost.   Be patient, you will soon become an expert everything smart!

Automation   If you would rather not control your home, you can automate it.   You can set up scenes, routines and rules that will trigger actions you have chosen.  As you get to know how your home functions, your family and friends will visit and be amazed. 

Let’s work smart—together!


BELOW are 3 distinctly different buttons/roads to take, to begin building
that SmartHome you desire! 

On these sites you will find, details on the companies, the products, the research and the reviews, everything you need to succeed in putting together your Smarthome.   

One of the most complex smart home devices, and by the way the most neglected—is the SMOKE ALARM.   If you click on the red button below you will find an eye-opener article entitled “Home Fire Statistics Are Tragic”.   From there, there is a link to an article about a controversy that you need to get your mind around before you purchase an alarm.  The title speaks for itself, “Photoelectric vs Ionization Smoke Alarms Resolved.”  Finally, wrapping up this set on smoke alarms is, “Everything About A Wireless Smoke Alarm”.

Read carefully!  Take notes!  Ask questions!   I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!


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