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The Best Smart Home Security Systems, 2019

by Keith   –   March 6, 2019




Do It Yourself—YES!   It’s doable especially with “Alexa’s” help.  Here’s a short list:  door locks, video doorbells, garage doors, TV, video games, music, phone calls, making various lists, setting time to get up, finding recipes, watering the yard or garden, using a robot vacuum cleaner or a robot mower, checking inside and outside HD cameras, and more—far beyond your imagination.    

Controls/Convenience   You can control everything in your smart home from an app on your smart phone or a voice controlled speaker in your hub and have fun doing it. 

Information   There more than 80,000 “Alexa” smart devices to choose from and tons of  information as to how things work, their compatibility with other devices, and how much they cost.   Be patient, you will soon become an expert on  everything smart!

Automation   If you would rather not control your home, you can automate it.   You can set up scenes, routines and rules that will trigger actions you have chosen.  As you get to see your smart home grow.


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